Only 21 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci exist, but 6,000 pages of his private journals survive. This extraordinary wealth of drawings and writing represent Leonardo's stream of consciousness; his passion, obsession, reflection, ambition, philosophy, frustration and genius.Inside the Mind of Leonardo uses stunning 3D photography and breathtaking 3D motion graphics to bring Leonardo's mindscape to life, presenting a surprising and truthful portrayal of mankind's greatest polymath in his own words.

BAFTA winner Peter Capaldi portrays Leonardo Da Vinci in an abstract and timeless setting, narrating passages from his journals and capturing the essence of the human being behind the genius. Through Capaldi we experience Da Vinci's career frustrations, thwarted ambition, hurt, anger, sexual desire, as well as the more mundane nature of normal life - his shopping lists, health tips and bawdy jokes.


"Atmospheric, gripping and beautifully dramatised...wonderful and unmissable" The Guardian

"Visually stunning...superb...Capaldi proves captivating" Daily Telegraph




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